How much is second hand office furniture?

People prefer secondhand office furniture for their office instead of new furniture. Because it can save you lots of money and your precious time. But the question is how much you can save from buying second hand furniture for your office? You can save up to 50% from the real amount of furniture.

How much second hand furniture can cost you

  • Bench desks: Bench desking fashion is sweeping the offices all round the UK used bench desks for your office can cost you from 90£ till 125£.

  • Filling cabinets: No office will be complete without having storage solutions; you should place some filling cabinets for storing documentation and other necessary things. Used filling cabinets can cost you from 70£ till 100£.

  • Reception Chairs: Reception chairs are also a necessity of an office. You can purchase used reception chairs 85£ till 90£.

  • Meeting tables and chairs: Used meeting chair can cost you around 30£, and meeting table can cost you around 100£ to 200 £.

Reception Furniture: Reception furniture is utilized in waiting area, and good reception furniture can offer your future client comfort which is a positive sign. You can get used reception furniture including desks, seats, from used furniture stores across the UK.